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Made Omni Inc. is a Remote, Empowerment WorkForce where we teach our team members to be leaders, breadwinners, and role models in their communities. 

We are a fully virtual company that works with online personal brands where our expertise is lead generation, appointment setting, and chat sales. 

Our Headquarters are located in San Diego, California and we grant opportunities for talented people in Latin America to have a stable income, and to grow personally and professionally. 

Entry-Level Position: a Chat Assassin is a skilled salesperson trained by us. After completing training, they go into one of our client's social media accounts and chat in the account on their behalf.

As a Chat Assassin, you would engage in conversations, qualify leads, & make them an offer using the client's chats through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Text, etc. with a script provided by the company.

The goal is to...
- Start direct conversations with audience members
- Moving them along a script
- Set them to a calendar appointment with a sales specialist  
- Complete a direct sale in the chats

We Are Much More Than 
Virtual Assistants
Here at Omni we bring in talented people and turn them into the online Special Forces that produce and develop optimal results. 

We teach our talent: high-income skills, how to create winning teams, and we support them in becoming a vital part of our clients' businesses. 
what you can expect?...Watch these below

Within Made Omni Inc. we have leadership opportunities with career paths such as: Team Leader, Lead Trainer, Recruitment Officer, Directing Manager, and Vice President. 

This is a big role with a lot of responsibilities and rewards. Keep reading if you have what it takes to get the job done...
Our promise to our Team Members and Clients is to... 

“Create GLOBAL Winning Teams, THAT Make A lot of Money, and HAVE Fun While Doing it”

Singularity of focus and simplicity is something we are about.
Our Company consists of hard workers who want to be high-income earners, have a desire for professional & personal growth, and seek leadership opportunities...

Our team members come from all walks of life such as teachers, architects, engineers, dentists, psychologists, medical practitioners, and many other professionals… 

....making us a very diverse and sophisticated organization.

Therefore, if you’re an individual who wishes for financial freedom, stability, location freedom, personal growth, and to be around other like-minded individuals…

Then, we would like to extend an invitation for you to apply and join our team.

Bottom Line:
We believe that you’re a product of your environment. Therefore, we are an organization of like minded individuals that keep each other accountable to challenge each other to better every day...
  • Entry Level: $800-$1,500k/month
  • ​​Experienced Level: $1,500-$2,200/month
  • ​​Expert / Leadership Level: $2,200-$5,000/month
  • ​​Hourly + Commissions + Bonuses
  • Winning Culture
  • Company Book Club
  • Monthly raffles 
  • ​Vision board and goal setting workshops 
  • ​Health and Fitness programs 
  • ​Birthday Gifts
  • ​Paid training and Mentorship - Valued at $5,000
  • ​Work remotely from any part of the word 
  • Get paid for referring your friends and family to Omni
  • ​Monthly raffles prizes (Apple Products, Amazon Gifts, etc)
  • ​Part of a positive and high energy working community
  • ​Leadership opportunities 
  • ​Paid Professional growth
  • ​And more...
Professional Development
  • ​​Company-Wide Book Club
  • ​Vision Board Sessions
  • Personal ​Goal Strategy Workshops
  • ​​Company Health & Fitness Club
  • Access to High-Level masterminds & trainings -Valued at $50k+
  • Sponsor talent’s conference tickets
  • And much more...
How to Start?
  • Submit your applications.
  • Allow 7-10 business days to process your application. 
  • Get invited to a group screening interview. 
  • ​Receive an email response within 3-5 days. 
What Team Members Are Saying... 
Paula Suddy
Karen Aliberti
Valentina Diaz
Mary Reyes
Nathaly Barrera
Selene Chacin
Mariana Velásquez
Maria Silva
Valentina Carrizo
Andrea Suddy
Yvel Camacaro
Jessica Salazar
Iskaoly Arias
Maylin Rosales
Daniela Hernandez
What does a Chat Assassin actually do?
You will be provided with hands-on training to prepare you for having real conversations with potential prospects for one of our clients. 

The role consists of initiating conversations with these prospects with a script provided by us, chatting, getting to know them, and seeing if the services that your client offers will help them achieve their goals. If they do, then you would proceed to book an appointment for a call with the client’s sales team OR provide all information through chat for one of the programs and close the sale via DM. 
What kind of clients would I represent?
Our clients are business coaches with established businesses, who are looking to sell more coaching programs and scale their coaching business through sales via chat. 

These clients are native English speakers from the US, UK and Australia. 
What if I’m not 18?
You have to be 19 years or older to apply for this position. 
This is a sales position?
Yes, you will have the opportunity to learn the art of selling, how to work with international teams, executive action and communication, leadership skills and more. 
Holidays are not paid for.
Can I request days off?
Yes you’re allowed to request up to 14 days off per year, unpaid for, with at least 1 month of prior notice. 
How are you going to pay me?
Payments are processed every 1st day of the month, through either PayPal, Payoneer or Remitly. You may choose one, and change later if necessary. 
Are you really going to pay me? / - In my previous experiences at selling I felt like commissions were more like a motivation than a reality, are they actually reachable?
Yes! We have Chat Assassins who have been working with us for over one year and have achieved financial success and stability through their performance in the role. 

Don’t believe me? I’ll let them speak for themselves… Scroll Up and find stories from our Chat Assassins themselves. 
Learn more about the company: MadeOmni.com